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Meringue Q&A

  For those are who new to The Patissier, our meringue is the most popular cake in our shop. Our Passion Fruit Meringue, in particular, is our signature cake. Our meringue is typically sold out a week in advance these days. This has raised queries about the (limited) availability of our meringue. So here are answers to some of the common questions asked by our customers: 1. What is the maximum quantity of meringue orders you can take per day?⁣ We can take up to 24kg of meringue orders daily. This is equivalent to FORTY EIGHT (48) 6” cakes.⁣ ⁣ 2. Why can’t you increase the maximum quantity per day?⁣ We make our meringue from scratch daily. To produce the current maximum quantity, our chefs are already coming into work at 5 ~ 6am every day. And we deem it rather inhumane to ask them to come in any earlier just so we can sell a few more cakes.⁣ ⁣ 3. How does your “Wait List” work?⁣ We will make a couple of spare meringues daily. This is just in case we miss out on an order o

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